Chem-Dry Otago

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There are some spills and stains that are impossible for the householder to deal with.
The Chem-Dry® professional has the know-how, equipment and solutions necessary to remove most stubborn stains. We therefore recommend that in the event of such an emergency the following procedure will minimize damage.

Things That You Should Do

  1. Act immediately before the spills or stain spreads too far or penetrates the fibers.
  2. Scrape up as much as possible with a spoon or palette knife (i.e. a blunt edge). 
  3. Always work towards the center of the spillage to avoid spreading. 
  4. Blot up liquids with a clean cloth, towel or kitchen paper. 
  5. Use plain warm water to dampen and blot the spill without rubbing. 
  6. Keep spill or stain moist with a little water and keep a damp cloth spread over the area until help arrives. 
  7. Cover gloss paint with cling film or polythene to prevent drying.

Things That You Should Not Do

  1. Do not lift the carpets or roll them up. 
  2. Do not rub the stain. Always blot it up. 
  3. Do not try to dry out by applying heat. 
  4. Do not use solvents, detergents, turpentine or other solutions.