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Leather Furniture Cleaning and Conditioning

It’s hard to finally admit that your favorite leather chair is ready to be thrown out. You fought to keep it for so long and you just can’t see the point in fighting anymore, after all you did spend a few hours cleaning it this morning and nothing has seemed to change. Well here at Chem-Dry Otago we have found that leather furniture is not only able to be cleaned but also restored.

Our technicians use the cleaning procedures and products that are endorsed by over 300 tanneries and manufacturers.

We know how expensive leather upholstery can be so we offer you a chance to save it for just a little bit longer by booking in for a risk free clean using our certified Chem Dry Otago specialists. We will make sure to impress you by cleaning the leather so that it looks sparkly and clean instead of dull and timeworn by the time we leave.

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